Love, Hugs and Chocolate

I’ve been known to fly across the country to meet blog friends. My parents-in-law used to think we were crazy.

“You mean you’ve NEVER met them?” He asked a few years ago as we were preparing to fly to Boston.

“No. But I’ve KNOWN her for a couple years now. We’re flying to hug in person for the first time.” I replied.

His face looked blank. “But, let me get this straight: You don’t really know them but you are going to stay at their house? What if —”

“What if they are serial killers?” I interrupt.

He just looked at me.

“They aren’t.”

Now when we board planes to meet people we’ve never “met” my father-in-law just smiles because he understands we’re crazy like that. And I just smile because I know we are rocking his world.

In April, (in)courage is planning a very special weekend. A weekend that we are all invited to. Every single last one of us. And the best thing about it is that we don’t have to jump on a plane to make it happen. With rising oil prices, I know some of us are scrambling to buy summer plane tickets before it all skyrockets once again, but this, THIS is different.

No suitcases.

No security checks.

No putting all of our toiletries into itty bitty bags.

The (in)courage IRL weekend is right at home. In YOUR town. In YOUR jammies. And with YOUR favorite mug of coffee/tea in your hands. And while some of us might be meeting new people and hopefully some people we’ve only “known” on the internet, this amazing weekend will be much less crazy than flying 3,000 miles hoping you aren’t meeting serial killers. So on April 27 and 28th, 2012 the beach house is coming to you.

How? Here’s how: {from the website}

Yup, we’re bringing the beach house to you with the goal of connecting women beyond the blog post! How? Well, with a day of (in)courage meetups – think mini beach house parties – all around the country and globe and a webcast for everyone to tune into. A local meetup on a global scale; friends will gather to watch live webcasts of (in)courage contributors and community, connect with one another, and discover new friendships they didn’t know were right around the corner!

There will be something for everyone – walking, talking, laughing, hugging blog content – right in the comfort of your living room. The webcast kicks off on Friday, April 27 and (in)RL beach house parties follow on Saturday, April 28 with more live (in)courage content to tune into together. Just imagine thousands of (in)courage women all over the world getting together in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, or churches – you name it- to connect in real life!

There will be a free T-shirt for everyone who registers, fabulous giveaways, a beach house in a box available for hosts, and the fun of meeting women from our local communities who all read (in)courage – it’ll be the online beach house (in)real life! We get giddy excited just imagining it!

It’s going to be so much fun. Here’s a little video that might get you a bit excited. Plus a cameo from me. =)


To host an event, click here.

To register for an event, click here.

Questions? Click here.

And we promise, no serial killers. Just lots of love, hugs and hopefully chocolate!

Yesterday Tsh wrote about community and jumping in, tomorrow, Annie will be talking about it too. Go visit Annie here.

Are you going to be attending an IRL event? If so, where?


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    i actually just visited the nester’s blog the other day (rarely do), and this event was being promoted. i was curious. wondered if maybe i should. reading it here. wondering again if maybe i should?

  2. says

    Yes! Actually, I am hosting an event in my home! I’ll be inviting some people from my church, and my cousin, who also loves (in)courage, but lives over an hour away. We’re going to do it together and just have a great time!
    I’m not a naturally hospitable person (I just don’t think of certain things those gifted with that would). But I’m going to give it a shot! :)


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