Embracing the Scary

Going to Peru last month was amazing (to read my posts, click here, here, and here) and I never once didn’t consider going when the opportunity came up. But there is a certain level of fear that comes knocking when we decide to leave the country without our kids, go to a third world country and then allow that experience to change my heart and my behaviors.

Fear isn’t a good enough reason to stay home from something like that. Or to stop us in our tracks when we think about moving or having another baby or changing careers or writing that book. Fear isn’t a good enough reason for anything.

So how do we get through the fear? I’m writing about that on (in)courage today.

How to Embrace the Scary

I remember the first time I watched a full-fledged, 1980s, gratuitous horror movie.

It was “Nightmare on Elm Street,” the one with the school bus and all the teenagers end up in hell or something. It was terrible. I’d been invited to a seventh grade slumber party at Jessica Monroe’s house and as we all settled into our sleeping bags, one of the girls hit PLAY on the VHS player.

I’d never seen anything like it in my life.

My parents kept me sheltered from certain shows on TV and we had a rule that we weren’t allowed to watch “anything with guns in it.” And even though my sister and I had sneaked viewings of different scary stuff, this rattled me to my core.

By the time Freddie Kreuger had shed his razor nails for the last time, almost all of the girls had fallen asleep. Except me. I was awake, alone in a sea of slumbering 13 year olds in a strange house.

I’m not sure if I slept at all that night. I was absolutely terrified.

I hate scary. Whether it is a result of experiences like that or just how my personality is put together, I hate the element of fear and disgust that many Americans thrive on.

I am not a fan of haunted houses. I hate scary movies. So I have lived most of my life avoiding what would put fear into my heart.

This kind of fear went beyond skipping the October parties of my friends and bled over into my life choices. Many of my youthful decisions were made based on fear. I feel like I’m only learning NOW, in my adulthood how to do scary things, and how to, with steeled face, approach terrifying situations with courage.

I believe it can be very simple: leaning INTO the fear and leaning ON what you know to be true..

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    Good post, Sarah. As an old(er) codger, I have never been a fan of horror movies (and have never watched any except except a Vincent Price movie in 1966). My view is: There is enough scary stuff in real life, I don’t need to watch manufactured scary. I have been in plenty of real-life scary positions over the past 60 years. God is the one who brought me through some very long scary valleys, not a writer or film director who decides that the 2 hours is enough.

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    Hi, just found you through (in)courage. After perusing your site I’ve found that we have somewhat similar stories…I too, am working on a memoir…and I too, am hoping it will ultimately bring glory to God and to His Kingdom. Blessings on all you do…(& write) =)

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    Been reading your blog for a while now and as someone who was a believer in Jesus but found that a life of faith was not something I could accept any longer. (a very long story) I find your blog somehow comforting; to know that there are people out there who do believe with all they have and who have not had an easy ride of things to get there. I’m blogging and I’m falling apart. A lot of things are scaring me at the moment and I’m not sure whether I am going to make it through. I don’t need to know that because all I do know is that I have to take life 5 minutes at a time, keep breathing and try my best to bring some hope to the lives of those around me; even if I can’t find any for myself.
    Anyway, I’ll get back to my own writing and leave you in peace.
    Take care.

    • Sarah Markley says

      thank you so much for this Laura. and yes, i understand the whole conflict, i think, you are undergoing.

      so sorry you are scared. thank you for being so very honest. i think you have the right perspective – take 5 min at a time. and i think that sometimes that’s all we can handle. thank you again, laura. thinking and praying for you!


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