You Turn Me Into Somebody Loved

If you put it up against the theological truth that inside each of us is a soul already loved by God, then it is false. We are already loved, we are already chosen, we’ve been plucked from the abyss by a God whose love extends to the farthest reach of time and space.

And we are already loved. From before we were made.

But let’s turn this idea on its side.

{Because I just can’t seem to get this tiny corner of a song lyric out of my head.}

When we choose each other, we choose to love each other. We pick friends and husbands and have babies and make them LOVED. We turn them into loved beings because they are loved by us.

Being loved by people is important because it’s the tangible touch of Jesus-who-loved-us-before-time-began.

I think we underestimate the power that our affection has in the life of another human being.

When we value them, when we intentionally love them, we help them understand the innate worth they have as a person.

This short, itty-bitty idea is all of it. When we love, we help others realize how much they are loved by their creator.

 Who do you need to love today? Who has helped you feel loved by God?



  1. says

    Love is splendid ! I could write a book regarding abuse that I received from an alcoholic Dad growing up. After I left home (my Momma had 15 children and I was the middle one.) I left to go to a Bible College after High School Graduation. My roomate had the definition of LOVE. After I graduated, a loving Sailor and I met. It was love at first sight. He had been an abusive Pastor’s kid. His Dad (on Easter Service Day) eloped with one of his counselees. This was 1964 and we experienced love and it’s been that way since (now we are married 45 years) and LOVE kept us together. 38 years being a Senior Pastor and loving each other and our wonderful kids and now gandkids…..all of them make me loved by God! Oh, I love you and your blog! Thank you! Love rocks; oh yes!

  2. says

    Yes, Sarah! You put this so well. The way we treat other people and are treated by them is so important. It makes all the difference. Thank you.

  3. says

    I didn’t know what real love was until i met my husband, he showed me that love has no expectations.

    beautiful x

  4. says

    All so beautiful.
    I love coming to your blog, I just signed up so it will come to me. Such beautifully written musings about the old and the new of these friendships we make, invest in, and cherish. How tender you wove this tapestry of your time with a special older friend. Oh, those are such rich, deep ones. Cherish it, nurture it. Blessings.

  5. says

    oops, I think my comment was for the previous post on community of two or three ( smiling) but know that I love this one too. And the song ministers sweetly to my soul today, this first day of May. wishing grace…

  6. Becky says

    There’s this great sermon illustration I heard one time: In a small village a long time ago in a different country, a man was negotiating a bridal price for an arranged marriage. The woman was plain, not thought of as someone who would “fetch a high price,” and she knew it. She walked with her head down most days, knowing that she was only worth a chicken and maybe a goat. Out of nowhere, this man offers her father THREE COWS in exchange for his daughter’s hand in marriage! Everyone in the village was stunned, but what was more amazing was the change in the woman after she became a bride. She held her head high, and the glow of being loved MADE her beautiful. As years went by, it came to be that no one who met her later in her life would have ever doubted that she would have been worth any less than three or maybe even four cows. When asked about it later, her husband said that he wanted a three-cow wife.
    Loved people are lovely. Christ’s love changes people; I am only lovely because he loves me :)
    Beautiful post!

  7. Suzanne says

    My husband has always made me feel loved. Always. I know that seems almost too good to be true, but it is. I know why — it’s because he’s so devoted to Jesus! I see him loving others with a Jesus-kind of love. And yes, he’s not perfect by any means!! lol. I need to demonstrate love to my teenage daughter more often. (by now I’m sure many of you recognize me since I bring up my daughter a lot) Yesterday she came home from school with a migraine headache. I gave her a massage, softly combed her hair, and put an ice pack on her forehead. It was a great opportunity to love her without having to use words. A blessing and opportunity from God.

  8. says

    Sarah, beautifully shared and written! Seriously sister, thanks for sharing! Love truly is the epitome of God’s greatness! ~ Blessings out, Amy

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