Introverted at an Extrovert’s Conference: Tips to Survive

I’m at Allume this week. {Yay!}

But like many other bloggers {It’s why we blog, right?} I am an introvert.

And because, as an introvert, emotional expenditure exhausts us, it is fitting to include this in my thirty-one days of rest series. I thought I’d share a few of my own personal tips on how to survive in this environment without wanting to strangle someone with their conference lanyard by Saturday night.

1. Focus small. Don’t worry about not being part of the “big group” of people who all know each other. All you need is one or two good people around you. (and plus, the big group will exhaust you anyway!) If you can grab coffee or eat meals with smaller groups, it will feel more manageable. 

2.  Take a nap when you are feeling overwhelmed. In other words, rest your heart and listen to your body when it tells you to rest. The emotional energy it takes to hug, love and talk with so many people can be overwhelming. Listen to your heart when it is telling you that you should rest.

3. Make time for regular breaks from the crowd. When there is down time, take advantage of it. Go on a walk, read a book, surf the internet. Just take regular time to give yourself a break from the noise. It’s okay to hide once in awhile. 

4. Be open to meeting new people.  This tip isn’t going to help you survive the extroverts, but it will help you survive as a person. Sometimes we as introverts like to hang out with the people we know because it is comfortable. Be open to meeting new friends because you might be surprised at what you find.

5. Many of the people around you are also introverts. Let’s face it: a lot of the people you are hanging out with are just as exhausted as you are so give grace as much as you expect it.

If you are here at Allume, PLEASE come find me so we can hug.

If you are an introvert, how do you survive in the middle of extroverts (church, school, work, conferences)?

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  1. says

    Quite insightful, Sarah…thanks for this! For me, the idea of napping *would* be crucial…if I ever gave myself *permission* to nap. In theory, though, they’re fantastic 😛 Hoping you find all the rest you’ll need.

    P.S. If we ever meet, I’d totally be down for a hug. Or five? I love finding other people who love hugs.

  2. says

    Love this! I’ve always wanted to attend a bloggers conference, but the thought seems overwhelming. I’m such an introvert. But I never thought about there being other introverts there, too. Great advice! I think I’d just need to find one friend to go with me and I’d be good.

  3. says

    Wow!!!! I had not really thought of myself as an introvert but do I relate to your post!!! I always thought I was just “cautious” and “slow to warm up”! Now, I get it— it’s ok to be more of an introvert because I’m seeing it as a gift, a blessing that God has given me— it’s my built in way to ABIDE in Him. I teach middle school and am around many who are so extroverted— it wears me out.!! I find I need to do that “get away” time— close the door, put on a playlist or just sit and look out the window — being still, even for just a few minutes pours into me.
    Thank you for sharing your heart!! I am encouraged each day— and I, too, would love to share hugs!

  4. says

    while i am definitely NOT an introvert, your thots this morning gave me a new window in to your sweet soul, dear daughter!

    thank you…all my love,


  5. says

    Thanks for giving us introverts permission and encouragement to look after ourselves. In a world which understands extroverts better than introverts it’s really good advice to hear.

  6. says

    I’m not at Allume (though from twitter it sounds wonderful!) but it is so comforting to know that I’m not the only one who literally needs alone time in life, that its natural to focus small and take a quick recharge nap as an introvert. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  7. says

    Yes.. I’ve just snuck off to my room because the crowd feels…well, crowded. Thanks for the reminder to give grace to others who may also be introverts. I sometimes assume since others appear to be doing well, then I must be the only one who is internally struggling. Comparing other’s outward appearance with my inward mess is never a good idea, I suppose. :)

  8. says

    I just found this post via #Allume.

    I love your words. My introverted ways are exactly why I have yet to attend a blogging conference (on top of a few other things).
    I’ll store this post away for the day when I do attend a conference. All good things to know/do!

  9. Stephanie Rose says

    THANK YOU!! Here :-) and trying to breathe as this newbie blogger with a big story of God’s amazing love to tell tries to wrap my head and heart around this newly found community of amazing women!!

  10. Janel says

    Sarah, thank you so much for this.
    I’m looking forward to attending the Jumping tandem retreat and while i’m not sure as many people will be there as at Allume, I definately cherish these tips on how to enjoy alot of people in an introverted way. I am soo glad that you got to go to Allume. it sounded wonderful!

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