Rolling out the Circle

I know I have time to spare when I put a pie in the oven.

There is nothing super special about my piecrust, except that it is the only food I truly derive joy from producing.

“Will you bake more this fall?” Chad asks me a month ago. “It feels so much like, you know, fall when you do.”

He has to say this because very few leaves change around here.

Apron on, I pull my hair into a tie and wash my hands with soap to begin. I find the flour and the sugar. I find the rolling pin.

Cutting in the butter, the shortening and rolling out the circle is Sabbath to me.

It is quiet in my head when I bake. It is soul-giving when I do.  The oven warms the kitchen and the children seem to play with more peace when there is something sweet to be expected for Sunday supper.

So I roll. I bake. And I breathe.

What do you like to do that gives you rest?

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  1. says

    Oh, gosh, I don’t know what gives me rest! It seems like such an elusive context. I like to sing, but it doesn’t give me any sort of transcendent peace…perhaps I don’t know what I’m looking for. If you had to define “rest”, Sarah (in more concrete terms than “quiet” and “soul-giving”, as beautiful as those pictures are)…how would you do it?

  2. Sherri Brady says

    Going for a 50 minute walk listening to my 80s praise walk tape (yes, I still use a tape player) followed by a bicycle ride around my subdivision. I am 62. Baking is restful also for me, Sarah. But I think the most restful thing I can do is get on my knees, and even stretch my whole body out for a few minutes, touching my forehead to the floor, and spend real quality worship time with the Lord.

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