Tangible Peace

My biggest little person is home with a fever. She is sleeping on the sofa next to me as I write.

The house is quiet except for the jeans tumbling in the dryer and the whirr of other household appliances hard at work while I think. And her breathing.

She wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep on the sofa had I not picked her up from school. She’d still be in math or history or taking her books back to the school library. She wouldn’t be at peace in her place of peace in this home.

And I’m next to her, setting out an offering of words and hoping they are worthy.

I wonder if all we really need to quiet our hearts and our minds is knowing that there is someone solving problems while we sleep. That we don’t have to do it, really. There is someone working, someone watching, someone waking us when it is time.

Maybe that full body, full heart, full mind rest is a result of full trust.

From the time she was 2 months old until she crawled up on my chest in all the days after Kindergarten, she used to nap with me. When she was tiny, I’d “borrow” her from her morning nap and we’d take it together in front of the Today show. When she was bigger, I’d lie on the sofa, she’d put her little girl body against mine and we’d watch Sesame Street together. Usually she’d close her eyes after a few minutes, sink her growing limbs into mine and doze off.

When I think of her being little, I think of these times.

And now she is fully resting, fully trusting in the same way curled up in a blanket trying to fend off a fever. And in this room the peace is tangible.

God, help me to trust you in this same way: with my whole heart and whole mind and with my whole body. Let me trust and rest and curl up next to You, knowing that you are hard at work while I sleep.

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What are your thoughts today on peace and rest and trust?


  1. lisa schron says

    oh. YES! He watches, and takes care of so much that we will never even know about. and isn’t parenting one of the greatest insights into who He is?
    last week, as the hubster was leaving for work and i was still in bed, i felt a need to pray for his safety. i did. the Lord told me he was safe. but i petitioned over and over again – like the neighbor asking for bread – until i fell back asleep. when i woke and finally checked bookface, i learned he had almost been in an accident. he rides a commuter bus into OC, two cars got into an accident in front of them, both spun out. one hit the median in front of them, one spun and somehow landed behind them, the bus driver hit the breaks just in time. i teared up and praised Him for, like you said, taking care of my beloved while i slept.
    hope your little one feels better soon!

    • Sarah Markley says

      wow, what a story Lisa!! i always listen to those little whispers too.
      she’s not really feeling better. think its the flu (even though we got shots) and i’m hoping she doesn’t have to miss halloween. thank you so much for your comment. =)

  2. says

    Beautifully put Sarah – I’m learning to find the stillness of those ‘quiet waters’ even when my house is loud with four young voices trying to find *their* voice! I’m learning to live in that place of rest and to fight for it to remain there, no matter what is going on outside of ‘me’! Blessings, Leah x

    • Sarah Markley says

      yes. i understand the difference between quiet waters and loud voices. both have their charm!

      thank you Leah!

  3. Heather says

    Sarah-I really connected with this analogy. I have never thought of the correlation of deep sleep and trusting God. Our 4 year old toddler has trouble falling asleep. His body is always in turbo mode. Anytime from 7:30-8:30 he will finally wandering up the stairs with his blanket and sit by my husband on the couch. I’d like to stop turbo-ing my way through life and get up the stairs a bit more quickly.

    • Sarah Markley says

      yes. i want that too. i love your story. such a beautiful glimpse into your life. (and i understand turbo children!!)

  4. says

    I’m hoping that I’m curled up with God like that, trusting in his ability to solve my problems while I wait on him. Hoping I’m not snatching those problems back to continue to worry and fret over them. It’s so much easier as a child isn’t it? No wonder Jesus talks about coming to his as little children. In this way, they really get it right. They trust without reserve. May it be true for all of us “educated” grown ups.

  5. says

    Love this image. My youngest–in the midst of move-related anxiety–started sleeping again in our bedroom. She asks almost every night, “Can I sleep in your bedroom?” That need for closeness to the ones caring for us–I long for that with God.

    • Sarah Markley says

      yes. i hear you. i’ve had night-time visitors in various seasons. it seems like when they go thru transition they need that closeness again. a lot like us, right? thank you so much for your comment!

  6. Shilo says

    What a beautiful metaphor Sarah. As a mom of 2 small girls, I can totally relate to what you are saying. If we could only rest on God’s strength the way they do us. He is everywhere, thanks for reminding me…

  7. says

    What an analogy – well done, Sarah. You’ve reminded me of Ps 127.2…I never thought that the picture of God-taking-care-of-things-so-I-don’t-have-to could be so accessible!

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