A Wish {and a Prayer} for You and for Me

Sometimes I’m long overdue to just sit quietly.

To pull my children close and to snuggle up my napping blanket and let my eyes close if they may, or stay open if they choose. I will give THEM the choice today.

I’m long overdue to put my feet up {actually up} and read a book.

I’m overdue to put my hands in the soil, to put my feet on bicycle pedals, to fall asleep outside.

I’m overdue to watch my husband move around the house with the eyes of a woman desperately in love and for him to watch me with those same eyes. I’m overdue for long conversations without our phones in right hands.

I’m long overdue to create space for an entire day in front of me with nothing to fence in time.

I’m overdue, pregnant with a need for peace and the inner twitch toward the simple sometimes gets too strong to ignore.

So today, I’ll simply leave with you my prayer for you and for your peace, for your quiet and for what you are overdue for.

Lord, be peace to us. Be the quiet we need. Let us rest in your love and let us always long for the simple beauty of You. Steer us away from complicated worries, but direct us toward harmony with You, with others and with ourselves.

Originally posted on March 30, 2012 under the title “Overdue”



  1. Wendy says

    LOVE this! Simple yet impactful….It finally hit me this weekend that in my busyness I have not taken the time I need to just snuggle with my child and let HER decide what we are going to do today. Thank you for speaking my heart!

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