I’m Not Sure You Want the Outtakes

The Markley Family is doing a first-for-us this Christmas. We’re traveling!

We always stick close to home because nearly all of our immediate family is within 20 miles of us, but this year we are changing it up. We are going to be visiting Chad’s sister and family in Cambridge, England for the holidays. Our pets are tucked safely and warmly at home with a friend while we brace ourselves for the English weather.

So, that said, I’m closing the laptop for two weeks (Merry Christmas to me!) and taking a much needed sabbatical from blogging and the internet.

However, if you want to follow along with us, catch up with me on Instagram or on my Facebook Community page. I’ll be posting photos and stuff in those two places.

From California and from the UK, Merry Christmas from us!

(here’s the real one:)

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