The Season of Wait

If I could tell you all things I’ve been struggling with over the last two years, the list would be long and hard and scattered.

To sum it up, I’ve been waiting.

Waiting for the right idea, waiting for the right time, waiting for my life to calm down, waiting on God, waiting for a lightening strike of brilliance.

I know you are supposed to pick a word at the beginning of the year for the next one to come, but if I could choose one for the last one that is passing I would choose wait.

And waiting is really never fun. We wait for babies, for spouses, for people to get to your house on time. For cookies to come out of the oven, for Christmas morning, for planes to arrive.

And we wait for books to be born.

Unfortunately for me, this Mama’s gestation period is going on 4 years now.

I don’t know why it’s taken me until now to do this. If you are reading this maybe you’ve been with me through all of my failed attempts at writing a book.

My starts and stops.

My enthusiasm followed by fear.

If you have been, thank you for sticking around.  You are listed under the category “AWESOME” in my book. I like to think you’ve been waiting with me. If you’re new here, I’m so glad you’re here.

One small thing you can do for me will help me in enormous ways: I would love for you to comment today with your simple opinion.

If you were to read a book by me, what would you like the topic to be centered around?

  1. Grace/forgiveness
  2. Courage/fear
  3. Being our whole selves (meaning, owning the ways God has made us and being okay with that)

That’s it. Just leave a comment with a 1, 2, or 3. So simple.

If you want tell me why you think it’s important. Also if there is a totally different topic, you can tell me that too. Today I’m all ears.

Thank you in advance for your comments! Just click here to comment if you are reading via email.



  1. says

    #3 – Being our whole selves (meaning, owning the ways God has made us and being okay with that) – I think the first two concepts fit into this as part of learning to live your story.

    PS – I’ve been reading for just over three years, though rarely comment.

  2. Melissa says

    #1 – I don’t just want to read about GRACE from anyone – but through YOUR STORY,,,I began reading your blog about 2 1/2 years ago and the theme that has continued to bring me back and inspire me is GRACE – it weaves your writing and has prompted, challenged me to look inward, outward and upward. You not only have the gift of words, but a different set of eyes than most – perception to see what’s hidden beneath layers of everyday moments,… and I believe God will redeem all those years of waiting!

  3. David Schwab says

    Sarah – None of the Above.

    If I were you (not just a friend & follower) might suggest calling it, “Journeys” …

    I have several thoughts as to why, buy mostly I think it sums up your life. A series of Journeys. Also I think a book containing themes (some of which identified above) would be great. But I think an entire book on one of those subjects might be the source of “writers-block” … that nasty literary illness that plagues us all.

    One Journey that I particularly enjoy, is seeing your Motherhood unfold. Anecdotal stories that resonate. Speaking of, I have thought of this EVERY time I am brought back to your blog.

    I have several additional ideas/ thoughts. And I also excel at helping my clients process through many things and I might be able to help you here as well. I think (hope) your husband has my contact info (but I will send him a text anyway). Worst case, I would Love to hear from you guys (last I saw you your girls were my girls ages right now!).

  4. Christa says

    You have written great posts on all of these and I would love to read a book by you on all of them, but having had SIL’s cheat on their husbands and also been the one who has been broken by my husband’s infidelity I would love grace and forgiveness and they are great concepts, but in real life, SO HARD! Praying you will know and HE will lead you.

  5. Alicia Butler says

    #1 — Sharing your story is encouraging. It teaches us about GRACE and forgiveness, which I think will naturally lead into the issue of courage and fear and being who God created you to be. I am not sure you can separate these three… they are interwoven in all of us. Don’t you think?

  6. says

    I think you’re onto something just writing that little list. Those topics are interwoven, and I’m guessing uniquely so in your mind. I know the pattern will become apparent to you, as you keep writing. <3

  7. VW says

    I would love to read a collection of your favorite topics from this site. You could do different chapters. Add more material to what you already have on this site. A Sarah collection!! You have so much good stuff that you share with us … it would be great to have it in a book format!
    You are an awesome person!

  8. Kay says

    Being Our Whole Selves— the way God made us and sees us —- then maybe …. Just maybe the Grace/ Forgiveness / Courage to Face Our Fears head on will be just our size instead of ” One Size Fits All “. If we are comfortable in our own skin then we can make room for what God has for us to do — and to Be.

  9. says

    I too think they are interwoven and your story is an important one to tell. But if I had to choose one it would be #3 because in writing about “being our whole selves” you will also write about grace, forgiveness, courage and fear. I for one can’t wait for what is to come!

  10. Karen H says

    Grace/Forgiveness…..I can’t tell you how much your story has helped me through a rough time in my marriage. Thank you.

  11. David Schwab says

    All – I just re-read my post in response to Sarah’s request and realized it sounded … negative. That was NOT my intent. To add hopeful clarification:

    While I think each of the three topics she had posted are good ones, whenever I have read Sarah’s blog I think of the different life journeys she has been on (and through) … and I would read a book on that subject any day. Additionally, I think she could easily incorporate elements of Grace & Forgiveness … and … Courage & Fear … because they were such a part of those paths her journeys have taken her down. Finally – I think a book on her Motherhood Journey (the first 9 years) would FAR SURPASS that book by Jenny McCarthy (which I read along with my wife when she had our first kid). Point being, regardless of the Title, or the Content, I think Sarah’s book would do VERY well indeed. I would buy it, and gift it to friends and colleagues.

  12. says

    Do we have to pick one? 😉 Really some combination of all of those would be beautiful. Number 3 is what sticks out the most to me off the bat, but the Lord knows I need to grow more in courage & grace as well. Love your words, Sarah.

  13. says

    Have you read “anonymous: Jesus’ hidden years and yours” by Alicia Britt Chole. If not, you might be greatly encouraged about “waiting”. It has really blessed and encouraged me. Re. your question: All three have merit. I’m going to leave this one up to the Holy Spirit’s strong work in you. I’m confident He will guide you in this important decision.

  14. Kate says

    I’m also in the minority: #2.
    Our pastor once said “the absence of fear is not courage; it is peace.” Your blog speaks to all these things, which is why I read it.

  15. kelly says

    actually all 3….I personally am struggling with #1 because my hubs and I have 3 spirited daughters 16, 13 & 11 and we are ALL struggling with communication and just life in general for a young girl/lady…i feel we just keep stumbling and going backwards…and all we have to show is hurt feelings, sadness and anger.

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