Adventure and the Deeply Breathed Life

“But I don’t want to go into the city, Mama!”

To my oldest it seemed as if we’d just arrived at her cousins’ house and even though Christmas was one day passed, she still was expecting more pajama days and all-afternoon play-time. To me, however, we’d been in the house for almost 4 days, prepping for the holiday and getting used to the eight hour time difference. This mama was getting stir crazy and needed an outing.

“We are going into the city center to walk around. We are all going, cousins too, so just live with it.” I shook my head at her.

She was a little angry and it was work convincing her to pull on her coat and zip up her boots.

The skies were grey and getting greyer but we bundled up all the kids, packed everyone into the mini-van and headed toward Cambridge city center, about ten minutes away. We parked near one of the university halls and headed toward the city.

When we got out of the car, she still didn’t want to be there. But as soon as she saw University Backs, the old buildings and the river, she was hooked. She pulled out her iPod and started taking pictures.

She loved it. And I loved watching her love it. The city, the people, the buildings, the history. All of it.

That afternoon, she was the one who lingered. She was the one who stuck back and read the plaques on the aged walls. She was the one who looked up with awe at the churches as she passed. She was the one.

But she had to zip up her boots and agree to go.

So much of life is like this. Adventure just waiting ten minutes down the road, but we are comfortable in our pajamas and cozy living rooms. Adventure, this deep-breathed living happens as soon as we take the first step.

But we have to agree to go. We have to say yes.

I have lived too much of my life saying “No.” No to risk. No to joy. No to hard things. No to deep-breathed life.

I’m ready to say yes. I’m ready to pull on my coat and walk out the door to live this life well. I want to get to the end of it all, not still in my pajamas, but out-of-breath because I’ve ran the whole way.


  1. says

    Please, oh please don’t let me walk through that door “in my pajamas.” I am glad that young heart had you to urge her on despite her hesitation. Thanks for urging me on by writing this post. You don’t know these things when you are ten, but you should when you are fifty. And there aren’t as many voices calling us to step out into the risk..

  2. says

    Yes!! I’m with you, Sarah! Recently had to make a not so fun choice and I didn’t really want to zip up my boots or put my coat on because it’s uncomfortable and I like to be comfy, but I did it and now, though I’ll admit there have been some doubts, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. :) Great post!

  3. Michelle D. says

    THIS…THIS is what I have needed to hear! I have been thinking this to myself, but have been trying to ignore it by telling myself I am too old “for this” or “that” is too scary. And when I read the words you wrote – my mind was saying….”yes”. I need to say “yes” more this year,. It is so true what you wrote – we just need to take the first step. Thank you for this post and hoping there are many “yeses” in your New Year!

  4. says

    I must admit, i am one to say “no” to everything…but recently God has showed me that by saying “no” i am missing out on so much…so i want to say yes, but i’m still a little scared

  5. says

    Such a simple but rich with depth post. Thanks for these words. This is exactly the kick in the butt I needed today. Perhaps this will be my 2013 mantra– “I want to be out-of-breath because I ran the whole way.” Love that; thanks!

  6. Tiffany says

    Great post and very familiar:) Our little chat did some good for my heart Sarah! Praise the Lord for taking first steps in the right direction! We walk by faith not by sight!

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