IMG_2495I’m not giving up anything this Lenten season

I’m simply deciding to be more deliberate. Deliberate about what I buy. Deliberate about what food I eat. Deliberate about how I spend my time. Deliberate about my thoughts and my prayers and the words I say to others.  Deliberate about my relationships and to whom I give my time.

Being deliberate means slowing down. It means not moving at the speed of light around my kitchen in the morning, rather getting up a little earlier and doing my sunrise chores with quietness and joy.  It means actually living my life rather than letting my life run me down like a herd of cattle.

Being deliberate is quieting, it’s well thought through and it’s internally calming. Being deliberate is the opposite of the crazy feeling I feel when I can’t get everything done. Deliberate says that it will all get done, just do one thing first (do it well) and then move on.

Being deliberate is about choosing well.

I believe Jesus was deliberate about the cross. I believe He was deliberate about the words He spoke and how He spent his time.  I think Jesus was quieter than me, wiser than me and much more calm than me.

 So I guess what I’m “giving up”  to prepare my heart is the rush, the hurry and the crazy-worry that comes when I let life drag me along. 

Do you practice Lent? What are you doing to practice it this year?


  1. says

    Awesome post!!!!!
    Thank you for your transparency. We don’t practice Lent but I’ve been thinking along the lines you have written. The greatest sacrifice made for me —- Jesus!!! What do I do for Him??
    Deliberate —- pairs beautifully with my word for 2013 — Intentional.
    I need to be intentionally deliberate in ALL I do as I reflect Christ’s love for me!
    Thank you again for your timely words!!

  2. Denise says

    I did not grow up knowing the Lord or knowing what Lent is. I now practice Lent on my own. My church doesn’t, but I think it is a beautiful practice. This year, because of certain issues in my life over the past year and not walking as closely with the Lord and I know I need to be, I am once again joining in the season of Lent, just to draw closer to Him and spend time in his Word and really realize just how much He does love me. That is all He wants me to do. Giving up things that take my time up and things that I know I put before God, those are the things I am giving up. I know that God is calling me to Him and I want to obey. He is the only peace.

  3. says

    Thank you for your inspiring words. This topic is close to my heart right now, as I have just recently chosen ‘intentional’ for my one word of the year.
    I am not giving up anything this year either. I am just trying to be mindful that I am in His presence.
    In His Endless Love,
    -Gilded Grace

  4. says

    Yes. This. Perfect.
    I am in this same space you are with my Lenten sacrifice this year. I feel like sometimes its the things I’m skipping and hurrying through that chip away at the person God is calling me to be. The person who is created in his image is whittled and frayed by the chaos we think is out of our control…..but if we are deliberate with our thoughts, words and actions we keep the chaos at bay and hold on to the Truth.

  5. stephanie rourke jackson says

    I do practice Lent. I actually used to do it as kind of a “cleanse” back when my faith was not as strong and my walk with Jesus was not as personal as it is today. The last 2 seasons of Lent have been much more significant for my husband and I. 18 months ago we suffered a huge crisis in our marriage. The road to healing has been a journey of self discovery and surrendering to the Lord. It has made us more humble, more passionate for God’s word, We have never felt or endured such brokeness. The way we worship, parent, relate and live has all been affected- in a tremendously awesome way, that only God could orchestrate. We have participated in many healing activities ( counseling, recovery group, communication, listening to sermons, prayer, devotionals, and bible reading) but the one new activity is fasting. We intentionally decide and pray that God will reveal to us and convict us of changes we need to make in our character and conduct. Lent is a time to continue this “fasting” approach. I gave up the things that I most gravitate to when I want to feel: comfort, happiness, excitment and pleasure ( which are red wine, chocolate, shopping and facebook). I realize that I sometimes “depend”on these things to make me feel whole or better or take a pain away. Instead when these cravings come I turn to the Lord and pray. I am more in touch with Him and feel HIs presence. I choose to be comforted by His word, by His love and His grace instead of my “worldly pleasures.” In these moments of weakness, I feel stregthend by Christ. I am richer for it. And do not feel deprived. Six weeks is a long time without chocolcate!!!!! :)

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