How To Find Your Creativity


I’m the first to admit I fill my head and my life with noise. It’s deafening sometimes. And when there isn’t noise {like the natural kind that comes with having an active family} I put more noise in my life.

I listen to new Spotify playlists and books on Audible. I listen to Voxer messages and voicemails {who am I kidding, I don’t listen to voicemails.} I flip through Pulse on my iPad and scroll through Instagram on my phone.  I turn on NPR and then when I get home I put on music in the house.

My life, during the normal times of the day when there should be pause — rest — meditation, I fill.

And I wonder why I am having trouble with creativity.

If creativity is a river, which I believe it is, it isn’t always a rushing one. I’m learning that I can either stunt it or I can make space for it. Part of inspiration is my own choice.

I’ve begun to understand that for me to engage in writing to any degree of frequency or quality, I need to have time and space to think.

I need to have that time and space to think that I haven’t filled with other noise, to clear off the proverbial table of all the clutter and make room for new thoughts.

I need to make room for words and ideas to form and flourish.

Years ago I used to run in the mornings without any music, without any phone, and without any distraction at all. And there were very few mornings that I wouldn’t come back from my 45-60 minutes out without a great idea or two.

God spoke to me so much clearer then.

I think some creativity is God-speaking and some is inside-inspiration. Maybe it’s all a mixture of both, but even so, for us to be creative we must create space.

The last month and a half has been pretty much devoid of any creativity with traction in my life. My writing has been, well, invisible and my thoughts have been filled with which emails demand the quickest response. I’ve realized, I have no time to think.

Create space to create creativity.

Make room to think for more thoughts. 

Tune out other words so that new ones will form.

Turn off the music and maybe a new poem can be written.



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