Haiti with Help One Now


This really isn’t your regular bloggers trip. This is special. 

I have the privilege of traveling with 5 other bloggers and storytellers  to Haiti this spring with Help One Now and I would love for you follow along with us.

Follow along with us as we travel Palm Sunday weekend this year, from April 12-16. Follow us as we tell the stories of the children rescued from trafficking, from poverty and from a life of neglect. Follow us as we tell the stories of their caregivers, the day-to-day warriors who live in the trenches with Jesus and with these children.

And be sure and follow these other amazing storytellers as well.

Sarah Bessey


twitter – @sarahbessey

insta – @sarahbessey


Erika Morrison


twitter – @erikalifeartist

insta – @thelifeartist


Amber Haines


twitter – @amberchaines

insta – @amberchaines


Laura Tremaine


twitter – @hollywoodhwife

insta – @hollywoodhwife


Krista Smith

The Saturated Canary

insta – @saturatedcanary


Sarah Markley


twitter – @sarahmarkley

insta – @sarahmarkley


Check out their websites. You won’t be disappointed! And check out the announcement on the Help One Now blog here.


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    I can’t wait to see the pictures you will get on your trip. My sponsored child with Compassion lives in Haiti – so it will be great to envision her as one of the many children, I’m sure you will see and hold and love.


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