Your One Wild and Precious Life


The poet Mary Oliver asks,

Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one Wild and Precious life?

I’m on (in)courage today talking about what I’m doing with mine right now. And the fact that I GET to do this, not HAVE to.

Your One Wild and Precious Life

It seems like January mornings are as discombobulated as September ones are, at least in my house. Two weeks off of school for the holidays, plus another few days of flu and fever makes mothers and children alike forget everything they have learned (and committed to rote memory) over the previous months.

“What’s next, Mama?”

I don’t even remember myself. “Well, is your lunch packed? Are your shoes on?”

I glance at the clock. We have about 16 minutes. She stares at the door to the garage. “Where are my shoes again?”

The school aged girls are frustrated. Their mother is frustrated. “I’m not sure. Where did you leave them?”

More blank, early-morning, early winter stares…

As I maneuvered the minefield of the garage, I suddenly thought. “I don’t HAVE to do this, I GET to do this.” I really do. It hit me right there (and met me, if you will) in the middle of my irritation. Read more…




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